Aryan Circle

Gender Makeup: Male

Racial Makeup: White



 *  Members display many white supremacist, neo-nazi characteristics and ideology,
  but often state their goals as simply "getting high and getting over," or making their
  stay in the prison as comfortable as possible.

 *  Members are ordinarily apolitical. Most are in custody for crimes such as robbery.


    *    Circle with 2 bolts.

    *    Initials "AC."

    *    Swastikas sitting sideways as a diamond with a circle in the center with the double bolts.


The chief rival of the Aryan Circle is the Aryan Brotherhood.

The Aryan Circle has traditionally nurtured a deep hatred toward black individuals and members of black groups/gangs, such as the:

 *  Black Guerrilla Family (BGF)
 *  Crips
 *  Bloods
 *  El Rukns


    *    Is known to give moral support to black groups in an effort to encourage possible
          prison disturbances.

    *    Utilizes black associates to buy and sell drugs to elements of the black prison population.

    *    Compatibles with most motorcycle gangs; many members were former "Bikers."

    *    Compatible with most white supremacy groups. This often leads to confusion in
          distinguishing AC members from other white supremacist groups, particularly when
          making identification by their tattoos or symbols.


    *    Membership in the AC has traditionally come from white male inmates.
    *    Lifelong allegiance is a requirement.
    *    A "Blood in, blood out" oath must be taken.
    *    Often a "hit" or significant act of violence is required before full membership is earned.
    *    Candidacy for membership may last a year or more.

Propensity for Disruptive Behavior:

    *    Aryan Circle is not readily recognizable; however, receipt of inmates on interstate compact
          and the current membership in groups with white supremacy ideology lend to the threat of
          an organizing AC within our facilities.

    *    Main activities of the AC are centered on drug trafficking, extortion, pressure rackets, and
          internal discipline.