Barrio Azteca




    *    "BA"

    *    "EPT"

    *    Plumed Aztec Warrior


    *    Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

    *    Raza Unida

    *    Texas Chicano Brotherhood

    *    Texas Syndicate


    *    Mexikanemi

CRIMINAL ACTIVITY:  Arson, assault, auto theft, burglary, extortion, murder, sale of narcotics, theft, and weapons violations

HISTORY:        The Barrio Azteca (BA) was started in 1986 in the Coffield Unit of TDCJ by five street gang members from El Paso, Texas. All five had been members of the street gang X14. The Barrio Azteca was formed to unite El Paso street gang members who had been incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). The Barrio Azteca began with 35 members and consists of over 1,000 members with most of them being from West Texas. but members are now being found in Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico and Mexico.

        The Barrio Azteca have always recruited heavily from street gangs, mainly of street gang members locked down in the county jails. A new member must be sponsored by a Sergeant or above, with the sponsor being responsible for teaching the recruit al BA rules. A Captain must approve the new member before he is accepted into the gang. Some of the more favored street gangs include the Puro Barrio Sandoval, Barrio Cantu Rifa, Varrio Hacienda Heights, Colonel Street Locos, and Varrio Northeast. Outside the jails, the street gangs are used to traffic narcotics and conduct other business for the BA. The Barrio Azteca collects a 10% tax on all of the street gang profits. At one time, the BA were at war with three street gangs, the Nasty Boys, White Fence, and Los Fatherless, however this war was suspended due to another war starting with the Texas Syndicate and Mexikanemi. The Barrio Azteca finally signed an armistice with the Mexikanemi on March 15, 1997 at the Coffield Unit, with the armistice / treaty now being extended and still in effect. As of August 1998, they are finalizing a full peace treaty between  the two gangs.

        The intent and purpose of the Barrio Azteca is to protect and control their local environment through illegal activities. The Barrio Azteca has a very high propensity for violence, with the BA being responsible for 6 murders in the El Paso County Jail (Texas) within an 18 month period.