Texas Prison Gang Page

This is a  list of the 11 recognized Security Threat Groups within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. More items will be added as the information is given to me, verified and placed onto this site.

                         Hispanic Gangs: (6)

                                    1.    Mexikanemi  (Mexican Mafia)  (EME)

                                    2.    Texas Syndicate  (TS)

                                    3.    Raza Unida  (RU)

                                    4.    Hermano Pistalero Latino  (HPL)

                                    5.    Texas Chicano Brotherhood  (TCB)

                                    6.    Barrio Azteca  (BA)

                         White Gangs: (3)

                                    1.   Aryan Brotherhood of Texas  (ABT)

                                    2.    Aryan Circle  (AC)

                                    3.    Texas Mafia  (TM)

                         Black Gangs: (2)

                                    1.    Bloods

                                    2.    Crips

Thanks to the Florida Department of Corrections for the format and some of the information that is found on this site. Some of the information did not fit the gangs that are in the Texas prison system and it was changed.

If any of this information is incorrect in any shape or form please contact me with the correct information. Please send only verifiable information not rumors or hearsay.

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