Hermandad de Pistoleros Latinos

Racial Makeup: Hispanic

Gang Colors:  None


    *    "HPL"

    *    Eagle's Head

    *    .45 Handgun


    *    Barrio Azteca

    *    Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

    *    Texas Chicano Brotherhood

    *    Raza Unida

    *    Texas Syndicate


    *    Mexikanemi

Criminal Activity:  Assault, burglary, extortion, gambling, murder, narcotics trafficking, protection rackets, theft, and weapons violations.

History:  The HPL (La Hermandad de Pistoleros Latinos), which translates to "Brotherhood of the Latin Gunman", was founded in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) in the early 1980's. Membership in the HPL is restricted to Hispanics, with many of the members being from Mexico. The HPL also accepts non-Mexican members who are of Latin descent (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Venezuelans, etc.). Females members are allowed into the gang, with one current female member holding the rank of Lieutenant within the gang.

     The HPL were initially very independent, with several peace treaties in effect with various other prison gangs. An alliance was formed in early 1985 between the HPL and the Mexikanemi when the Mexikanemi was at war with the Texas Syndicate. The HPL remained on the side of the EMI (Mexikanemi) even after the conflict was over. The Mexikanemi later began assaulting HPL members, which broke the alliance. Due to internal differences there was a split within the HPL into two factions: "Forty-fives" (taken from one of the tattoos known to be favored by members of the HPL), and 16/12's (which refers to the 16th and 12th letters of the alphabet - "PL" for "Pistoleros Latinos").