Raza Unida

Racial Makeup: Hispanic

Gang Colors:  None


    *    "RU."

    *    Lion with wings


    *    Barrio Azteca

    *    Hermanidad de Pistoleros Latinos

    *    Mexikanemi

    *    Texas Chicano Brotherhood

    *    Latin Kings (ALKN)


    *    Texas Syndicate

    *    Ace of Spades street gang

    *    Chula Vista street gang

    *    Ruthless Gangsters street gang

Criminal Activity:  Arson, assault, auto thefts, burglary, extortion, murder, sale of narcotics, and weapons violations.

History:  The Raza Unida (RU) formed with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 1993 to combat the Mexikanemi within the prison system. There were originally 82 members from the southern and valley areas of Texas, with a few members from other cities. A large group of RU members can now be found in Dallas, Texas, with the gangs total membership now numbering 285 members as of January 1998.

     The RU is reported to have close ties with the Texas Syndicate and HPL and is working on a peace treaty with the Mexikanemi. The RU also have close ties to three street gangs in the Corpus Christy, Texas area - the Ruthless Gangsters, the Ace of Spades, and the Chula Vista. The street gangs are used to conduct the sales of narcotics as well as other RU business, including "hits". When the street gang members go into the jails or prison system they are often recruited directly into the RU.